Dress Code

Pupils are required to wear the complete uniform every day except on the designated P.E. day.

Girls: Grey pinafore/skirt/tailored trousers, grey shirt, green cardigan/jumper and green and grey tie.

Boys: Grey trousers, grey shirt, green jumper and green and grey tie.

BLACK SHOES – Velcro – if unable to tie laces – Platforms are not allowed.

The school track suit is worn on P.E. days.

P.E. requirements: Plain grey, black or navy tracksuit bottoms, runners (velcro), white polo shirt and green sweatshirt:

Inappropriate footwear, long earrings or expensive jewelry are not allowed
Hairstyles to be neat and tidy and not impede schoolwork
Regular uniform inspections will be made

The school uniform must be worn at ALL TIMES

There are no exceptions to this rule (e.g. on a half-day)

To reduce competition and increase pride in their school uniform, we expect children to wear their COMPLETE UNIFORM everyday (includes tie)

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